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Latest press review:

"I'd go as far to say that it probably sets the standard for portable Bluetooth loudspeakers at this price"

"while playing this track a colleague walked into the room and initially thought she was listening to a pair of full-sized stereo loudspeakers"


More press reviews:


"The audio was very clear when played at a reasonable volume. It was an interesting feeling as the bass thumped against my temples. Not that it wasn’t pleasant but to get any similar physical response from audio would normally involve something much bigger."
"The Headbones are a comfortable and secure audio solution for active people on the move with safety in mind; with the built in microphone for answering calls, it has everything."
Wearing headphones while cycling is contentious issue that divides road users. Damson claims to have produced a safe solution for those wanting to listen to music whilst riding in traffic.

Headbones not headphones: Boy, 14, has hearing transformed by hi-tech gadget

New headphones help York teenager hear stereo sound for the first time

In fact I could often conduct a whole conversation with a gentle underscoring of Bob James. In these moments I loved the Headbones and thought they were the future.
Video review: "This speaker is extremely loud" "This speaker sounds great"
Damson Vulcan offers Near distortion free sound with crystal clear highs and deep, deep bass. Featuring Damson's unique Wide Field Stereo it dramatically increases the soundstage meaning this speaker sounds bigger than it looks.
We review a lot of Bluetooth speakers at Technology Tell, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. Thus, when I say that the Damson Vulcan Bluetooth speaker packs impressive sound for its size, you know I’m telling the truth.
Damson Headbones Netherlands review
Damson Headbones Japan review


Headbones – An Earphone Listening Experience That’s Safe

Damson Innovative Headphones ‘Headbones’ Using Out-of-the-Ear Technology

HeadBones – Bone Conducting Headphones are Safer 

KickStarter: Headbones Wireless Headset

Damson takes British audio to advanced territory at CES 2014

 Best of British at CES 2014

Headbones bone-conducting headphones let you jam out and hear surroundings

"Traditional headphones utilize tiny speakers to pump sound straight into your ear canal, but UK-based Damson Audio is going a slightly different route with their Headbones."
"Meet the Damson Headbones: a headset that wirelessly transmits audio to your inner ear so you can listen to your favorite music or content and also hear what happens around you. That means less distractions for you as you get your work done."


Headbones: the headphones that channel noise through your bones

Damson Headbones Italian Review
"These headphones look like an interesting middle ground between headphones and earphones."
Damson Headbones Italian review

Damson kickstarts its bone conducting “Headbones”

"Damson has been slowly trying to make their mark in the audio industry and may have got their foot in the door with these headphones or should I call them “Headbones”."

Damson Launches Headbones Via Kickstarter

Damson uses Kickstarter to launch Headbones

"Damson Launches Campaign For Headbones that Use Your Head For Better Sound"

"Damson Headbones is a temple-tickling way to hear music that works by sending vibrations through your head. Your ears stay empty with Headbones headphones"
"These look ideal if you need to be aware of the sounds around you as well as being able to hear your tunes."
"Damson’s bone-conduction speaker tech will go to your head (literally)"

Damson wireless bone conducting ‘Headbones’ launch on Kickstarter

"we got to check a prototype in person, so we know they're real (and they work!)."
"Damson launches bone conduction Headbones"
"British audio brand Damson today announced that its Headbones wireless headphones are launching via a Kickstarter campaign."
Damson Headbones crowdfunding smashes target"
Damson Headbones initial coverage
Damson Headbones CES coverage
"In the right place and with the right song, the Twist can sound amazing"

"Damson Jet : Wireless Ultra Compact Stereo Speaker Pack"

"Damson has launched Jet, billed as the world’s first wireless real stereo twin speakers. The Jet set features two 20 watt speakers that deliver high quality wireless real stereo audio, meaning sound to the left and right channels are separated by the device and sent to the individual speaker outputs"

"Are you looking for some new mini speakers? If so the Damson Jet could be just the ticket."
"It's also the first stereo bluetooth speakers to come as a pair [Damson Jet]. Connect the two 20-watt receivers together produces the better listening experience."
"Want to take the party with you right in the palm of your hand? All you need is a set of Damson Jet wireless speakers. Even with the set’s small size, these little speakers pack quite a wallop."
"Sound quality, particularly bass, is surprisingly good, providing you have a suitable surface for the music to resonate through – the jets vibrate to spread sonics."
"The world’s first wireless real stereo speakers [Damson Jet] well handy for having at a skatepark or chillin with homies. Automatic stereo separation when connected wirelessly."
"Featuring a real left and right stereo sound through a split channel, these little speakers [Damson Jet] do pack a powerful punch and make a good travel companion for bass junkies who don’t have a lot of extra room in their suitcases."

"Most speakers of this sort deliver music in mono even when daisy chained, but Damson claims you get true two-channel audio through the Jets."

"The Damson Jets come as a stereo pair in lots of colours. They’re small but sound terrific."
"I happened to test them [Damson Jet] at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, which is one of the world’s most rock ’n’ roll hotels, and even though it’s famed for its parties, I had to turn the Damsons down for fear of being told off."|
"Damson unveils Jet wireless stereo speakers"
"The Damson Jet delivers an audio performance above its size, especially when it comes to bass. This is also thanks to its ability to deliver true stereo (left / right channels)."
"I’ve taken these little beauties [Jet] on holiday where, effortlessly filling the space, they get the hotel-room party going for sure."
"Jet literally pushes soundwaves into surrounding materials to get a bit of extra low-end wobble. Fun."
"As soon as you start playing a song on the Jet, it’s impressive how Damson’s Incisor Diffusion Technology is able to produce such loud and powerful sound."
"In short, it is like carrying a huge speaker system with you on the road but without the actual bulk and heft."
A Quick video demonstration of Damson Twist
"Damson Twist – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Serious Bass."
"I placed the Twist on a small antique coffee table in my living room.  It was amazing.  There was enough audio power that certain loose sections of my old table would buzz with certain bass notes of the music. "

"An Ultra-portable Wireless Speaker with Big, Booming Sound"

"Damson Twist is a really sweet little speaker."
"Damson company offers compact speakers Twist, let you enjoy music without the use of traditional speakers."
"Don’t let the small size of the Twist fool you. It’s small demeanor still gives you a great sound and thundering bass depending on what surface you place it on."
"This thing packs a punch! It will have your kitchen table or any hollowed out flat surface thumping out music — it’s like a mini sub-woofer."
"Half the fun of using the Twist is watching the faces of people in shock as they are shown the extreme difference in audio after it’s set down."

"Turn your table into a speaker with the power of vibration"

"Through the use vibration the sound quality can be enhance.  By touching the surface on which the Twist is placed you can feel the sound vibrations."
"Twist ’n’ shout: Damson’s nifty Twist Bluetooth wireless speaker will resonate sound through any surface it sits on."
"Compact 'twist, pair and play' portable speaker streams music from your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet."
"The Twist provided pounding low end, beyond anything we’ve tested at its size. Hip-hop and electronic rock had some impressive grooves that stretched far beyond the speaker’s tiny frame, right down into the kitchen floor."
"Upon the first time you hole the Twist, you immediately recognise the weight and premium quality of the metals used to build it."
"It was only when I got it home that I realised just how bizarrely good it is and marvel at how such a large frequency range can be buzzed into my desk top to turn my test bench into a loudspeaker."
"This little Damson Twist speaker, which you might have seen demonstrated at the Gadget Show, punches well above its weight."
"On big tables, the Twist sounds so beefy people will look at you like you’re a magician."
"The speaker sounded decent enough when played on the wooden box that Damson had at its booth."

"Ive reviewed quite a few external speakers for the iPhone, but I've never seen or heard anything like the Damson Twist."
"The tiny Twist can create bass response you'd never imagine a speaker its size would be capable of."
"The Damson Twist can produce far greater volume – and much wider sound dispersal – than a traditional speaker of this size and price"

"It is like carrying a huge speaker system with you on the road but without the actual bulk and heft."