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General Questions

Where can I get hold of a user guide?

Right alongside this answer, in the right hand column, you'll find all the guides.

How do i know when my device is charging and charged?

The LED on your product will turn red when charging and will turn off once the item is fully charged. 

What products do damson speakers work with?

Pretty Much anything that plays audio. If your device can stream Bluetooth Audio then this makes it a sync to play music. If you like using cables all the products have a way to cable into the speakers (even Headbones). 

Twist Speaker

How does the twist produce sound?

What we did was replace the speaker cone with the surface you place it on. More info can be found here

My Twist is vibrating on the surface it is placed upon

Good! It's supposed to. If it didn't vibrate you wouldn't hear anything. 

User Guides


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