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General Questions

Where can I get hold of a user guide?

Right alongside this answer, in the right hand column, you'll find all the guides.

How do i know when my device is charging and charged?

The LED on your product will turn red when charging and will turn off once the item is fully charged. 

What products do damson speakers work with?

Pretty Much anything that plays audio. If your device can stream Bluetooth Audio then this makes it a sync to play music. If you like using cables all the products have a way to cable into the speakers (even Headbones). 

Cisor Speaker

How to pair a Cisor to your device?

Make sure your device is not paired to anything else. Make sure your Cisor is fully charged and not paired to another device. Turn your Cisor onto Bluetooth mode. Ensure your device is in pairing mode. The Cisor will display on your device. Select the Cisor. Your device is now connected to the Cisor. You can now play audio.

How do I pair two Cisors together?

Turn both Cisors to Bluetooth mode. Double click the play/pause button quickly on the speaker you want to be your main speaker. Wait around 30 - 60 secs until the audible prompt announces they have successfully connected in Stereo.

Is there a reset for the Cisor?

Yes, turn the speaker to Bluetooth mode.  Hold down the play button for 5 - 10 secs.  You will hear a "dong" to indicate it has reset.  

How do I connect my Cisor to my device via line in?

Switch the Cisor to line in mode. Insert one end of the 3.5mm jack into the line in port on the Cisor. Insert the other end of the 3.5mm jack into the port on your device. Play audio.

How do I charge my Cisor?

Please use the charging cable that was supplied with the Cisor. Insert the small end of the cable into the Cisor. The large end with the USB needs to be inserted into a USB plug. Always use a wall plug to charge your Cisor.

My Cisor will not screw into it’s mount?

If this is the case, please do not force the Cisor to fit. Please contact Support via the Support. Please have your serial numbers to hand and also a photo of each thread on the Cisor and the mount.

My Cisor has a permanent purple light on the LED in the back. What does this mean?

Contact support using the contact form to the right of this page.

When I have two Cisors connected I am getting dropouts. How can I fix this?

The master Cisor needs to have a clear line of sight with the Bluetooth streaming device.Placing your two Cisors and the Bluetooth device in a triangular setup is preferable. The Bluetooth range is 10metres/30 foot

My Cisor does not screw easily into the mount

When attaching the Cisor to the mount, ensure you do not over-screw the Cisor into the mount as they can cause the leg of the Cisor to become loose.
When securing the Cisor to the mount, as long as the Cisor is secure in the mount, the Cisor is fitted correctly. The Cisor does not have to screw fully into the mount. Some thread can be showing. To test, attach the mount and Cisor to a clean, clear and flat glass window or work surface and tug the Cisor with one hand whilst cradling it with the other hand. If the Cisor does not come away from the mount, it is secure.
Below are two images of two Cisors fitted with the mount. Please note the black Cisor shows some thread however, it is still secure and tight. It is not necessary to hide all the thread. As soon as you feel a tight fit between the Cisor and the Mount, it is secure.


How do I charge my Headbones?

Always charge off the mains using the cable supplied and a USB plug. Do not charge off anything such as a laptop as this will only provide a trickle charge. For the first three charges, charge overnight. The subsequent charges 2 to 4 hours will suffice.

How do I pair my Headbones?

Ensure the Headbones are charged. Ensure your Bluetooth device is turned on and not connected to anything else. Place the Headbones on your head. Turn the Headbones on using the power button. You will hear the words, "Power on". Keep holding the power button and you will hear the words, "Pairing". Take you finger off the power button. You will now see Damson Headbones listed on your Bluetooth device and have the ability to select them.

Twist Speaker

How does the twist produce sound?

What we did was replace the speaker cone with the surface you place it on. More info can be found here

My Twist is vibrating on the surface it is placed upon

Good! It's supposed to. If it didn't vibrate you wouldn't hear anything. 

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