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Software Update 

Today ( October 15) we have released a new software update. This update is currently only available via MicroSD. The WiFi update will be released over the next few days. 

This update fixes or adds the following features:

1. Better stability with proximity reader

2. Add ability to enable/disable proximity reader (simultaneous press of vol - and power).

3 . Better start up image (not blurring).

4. Fix issues not being able to use Google Chrome

5. Copy and Paste from MicroSD to system

6. Nibiru account removed

8. Support 128gb MicroSD drive (FAT32).

Install on the AuraVisor via WiFi

We advise putting your AuraVisor on charge to carry out this update. 

Tools > Settings > System > Check online > Install.  

It is best to put the AuraVisor down and if the headset has gone into sleep mode pressing the power button once so it comes back on .Wait some time, depending on your  internet speed. The file is 450mb so can take some time. After it is successfully downloaded it will pop up offering the option to install. Click install and wait for the reboot. 

Install via MicroSD Update

Download the update here and copy to a MicroSD card.  Then follow below. 

Tools > Settings > System > Software Update > Install from Zip > Browser > Change to Devices > Select your MicroSD card and locate the zip file to install > Install