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Posted by Colin Docherty

Welcome once again to our showcase of the best places to find new music online. You’ve bought your new wireless speaker and now you need to expand your music library to show off your great tastes to your friends - we’re here to help.

This week’s technique is Youtube surfing: the act of finding a song, then navigating through the rabbit hole that is the related videos. Thanks to Youtube’s algorithms and monitoring of videos that other users watch, this is usually an exciting and rewarding journey.

Take a look at this gif of our journey from the fantastically funky ‘Do The Dog Funk’ - a hot slice of 70s funk:

Some pointers in how to choose your next track:

  • Look at the track names. Anything interesting? Our journey was food themed at first (‘Peach Fuzz’, ‘Ham Hocks and Beans’) before ‘Alcohol Part 1 and 2’ moved it down a different path
  • Any good album covers? Around the 6th track in we moved from pictures of vinyls to awesome styled album covers.
  • Anything you recognise? Avoid it! Part of the fun is finding artists, preferably obscure, that are completely new to you.

Or you can just hit Autoplay: on, and let Youtube curate your musical journey for you.

Youtube's autoplay button

According to a tweet by FiveThirtyEight, 400 hours of content are uploaded to Youtube every minute. This is a phenomenal volume, so we’re not going to try to guess how much music Youtube contains.

What we will say though is that it is a practically endless source of discovery for music old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, amateur and professional, good and bad. Whatever you click you're guaranteed to find something that's at least interesting.

So dive in!



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