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Posted by Colin Docherty

Last week we introduced /r/listentothis.

In the second instalment of our showcase of the best places to find new music we’re taking a look at SoundCloud: a Pandora’s box of delights with some oddities thrown in for good measure. Whatever floats your boat will be in here somewhere.

What will I find?

135+ million tracks including music, podcasts and audio from across the globe. SoundCloud is a place to upload your own music creations, listen to virtually limitless tracks, (no way will you ever be able to hear it all) curate the bits you love the most into your own profile to access as and when you want and share it all with your followers.

How does it work?

With a basic free account you can save tracks to your profile, curate other members’ tracks into playlists, create albums, share tracks or even upload your own musical offerings. Upgrading to a paid account enables listening to content offline, downloading tracks, accessing more content and enjoying an ad-free experience.

Other things you can get up to on sound cloud;

- continuous playback from your playlist or the page you are listening from.

- Keep up with what is happening on the sound scene you follow, the people and tracks that matter to you.

- Build a profile with the tracks that you have clicked on to register a ‘like’.

- Search for tracks by genre, name and ‘most popular’.

- Follow charts based on plays per week, sorted by genre or ‘all tracks’, a top 50 option or a ‘new and hot’ search criteria. Always be on top of what’s out there.

- Enjoy recommended tracks from a list generated from your searches and history- the more you dig in and explore, the more recommendations you get- it is so easy to just keep discovering new stuff.

At the time of writing the SoundCloud charts looked like this:

image of top songs on Soundcloud

Which is the best song recommended here?

Migos, with Bad and Boujee (feat Lil Uzi Vert) was the top track of all genres at time of writing with 4.53 million listens just in the last week. A great hip-hop and rap track taken from their new ‘Culture’ album. Due to the nature of the language in this track, it’s probably best not to feature it here though!

One that is worth a feature is top of the ‘ambient’ chart this week - The Chainsmokers, Don’t let me down ft Daya. (Hipst3r Edit). Just perfect for the wind-down after a heavy day.

Chainsmokers Don't Le Me Down

What’s the best song we’ve found here?

The Letter, a beautiful indie tune from Jacob Whitesides is well worth a listen.

Jacob Whitesides soundcloud

What else makes this community great?

Basically the scope and availability of music; from trance to classical, from disco to techno, it’s all covered here with the added bonus of an interacting musically enthusiastic community.

Get involved lad!


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