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Posted by Colin Docherty

This is a new series showcasing the best places to find new music, and we’re pumped about it.

Our first recommendation? The Listen To This community on Reddit.

Logo of Reddit Listen to This

These folks pride themselves on finding good music and they deliver with majestic regularity.

What will I find?

Songs that have been forgotten to history, live performances that people don’t know about, and anything else that’s slipped through the cracks.

This is a real treasure trove, too. The longer you spend exploring, the more gems you’ll dig up.

How does it work?

Anyone with a Reddit account can submit a song, subject to a few rules. Submitted tracks cannot:

- have over 500,000 plays across all media (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.)

- be from an artist with 4 million plays ("scrobbles") on Last.FM

- be from an artist with 250,000 listeners on Last.FM

- be from an artist with Three or more tracks with over 500,000 plays across all media.

- be from an artist with celebrity status

- be a remix or cover of an artist or track over one of the above criteria

This keeps it unknown and obscure, just the way real music fans like it.

Once songs are submitted, users vote them up and down depending how good they are. This means the good stuff drifts to the top – below are the top 6 songs at time of writing this post:

Top 6 songs

If that day’s songs aren’t good enough for you, you can sort by most popular songs of the week, month, year, or all time.

Which is the best song recommended here?

The highest voted song by the community is Moving by I Eat Plants for A Living. A short burst of lofi hip-hop:

What’s the best song we’ve found here?

We often come back to Winter Wren by Passafire. A lovely slice of chilled out reggae rock:

What else makes this community great?

One of our favourite parts of /r/listentothis is their Best Of lists, where diligent users collate the best songs from each year and lovingly craft them into playlists for your enjoyment. 2013’s list is particularly good – that’s where we found this monstrously good live set from Haitus Kaiyote. Take special note of the piano solo starting at 9:44:

And finally, the sidebar links are worth a look. They link through to other communities that offer more niche music selections. You can browse specific genres, or listen to playlists curated by other communities:


So grab a brew and get exploring: we guarantee you'll find something good.


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