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Posted by Colin Docherty

 We’ve had VR on our minds recently, what with our AuraVisor shipping recently.

When you put the visor on, the opportunities for awesomeness are immediately obvious. The rush of excitement when you first enter virtual reality gives way to another wave when you think about the amazing apps people will build as the technology becomes more widespread.

Here are some we’d like to see.

1. The Virtual Hotel Rooms App

The first couple of ideas were largely inspired by memories of lying in a small damp tent at a festival, and trying to see the potential in that bleak situation.

Imagine if you could whack on your VR headset before you get into your tent and trick yourself into thinking you’re crawling into a cosy nest. Or a cave with a big fire lit inside? Or an igloo?

We imagine this being sort of like the ARI (Added Reality Interface) in Heavy Rain, but with a more specific purpose.

Courtesy: Sony Interactive Entertainment

This technology has applications outside festivals too (obviously). Imagine testing new interior design styles in your house? Or taking tours of the world’s most famous sites from your living room.

2. The Backstage Pass App

We always wondered what artists get up to backstage - the mind runs wild when you try to imagine. Are they doing yoga back there? Are they nervous, or just kicking back with a beer? Or just munching through tubs of vanilla ice cream (according to rumour, Snoop demands access a full freezer of vanilla ice at each show).

This would be a really cool feature to offer to VIPs at a festival: it’s not quite the same as meeting your favourite band backstage, but seeing them preparing for their set in real-time is quite special.

Maybe they should be allowed a small private area though, to indulge in any pre-show ‘activities’ that demand privacy.

3. The On Stage Mayhem App

The logical next step: how about being on the stage?

This could see the band wearing 360° cameras on their heads, and you choose which one you want to be. Or there could be a camera on a plinth in the middle of the stage offering a fixed view – even more epic.

However it’s done, we’d have to be careful to avoid an Inception scenario where you can see yourself in the crowd from the stage, because who knows what would happen in that situation? Our guess - based on science fiction films - is that some sort of paradox would unfold and you’d cease to exist. A bit of a downer during a festival. 

4. The First Class Simulator App

Sitting in the stuffed and stuffy train carriage home inspired this one.

Imagine if you could augment your train ride with virtual reality, and ride the world famous Orient Express back from Reading.

This thing gets turned into a car when viewed through VR headset, so seats and tables could easily be used as anchor points.

Where would you rather be?

Here:                                                                   Or Here:


Image Courtesy: IMA/Jerome Galland

You could also use this on sardine-can flights to pretend you’re flying a chartered private jet. Although the megaphone-wielding flight attendants will still be able to shatter the illusion by yelling in your face to buy a scratch card (or a drink, watch, sandwich, magazine or rental car).

5. The "Livestreaming Someone Else’s Life" - App

We’re going to call it now: a VR equivalent of Periscope will be built that allows people to live stream their life with a 360° GoPro-esque camera. People will be able to tune in and out as they please.

There may even be a Chat Roulette thing going on where you drop into a random broadcast. Who knows what we’ll see!

Think ‘Being John Malkovich’ but instead of John Malkovich you’re dropped into Greg from Grimsby.

Image Courtesy: Stephen Richards

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