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My experience of Dragon's Den

February 22, 2016

Given the recent airing of our pitch on Dragon’s Den, and having written this blog before I’ve seen how it has been edited by the BBC I thought I would give you a an opinion from the “entrepreneurs” side. W were contacted by the BBC Dragons’ Den (dd) team as they felt that following the successful Kickstarter campaign for Headbones that we would be a great candidate for the show – Damson did not contact the BBC. They asked me to attend an interview and screening at Media City, which I duly did. This didn’t really last long but consisted of several recordings in a normal meeting room of the pitch we would present, the BBC were insistent upon receiving...

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York Press Technology Business of the Year

November 26, 2015

We won! Damson was a finalist in the York Press awards for the Dare to Export Award and the Technology Business of the Year.  We didn't manage to win them both but we did get awarded Technology Business of the Year.  Well done Team Damson!

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Cans that pump vibrations into your head: So you can play tunes – and talk to shop assistants or hear a car horn

June 02, 2015

One of the UK's leading national Sunday papers, the Mail on Sunday published a review on the Damson Headbones giving them a great 4 out of 5 stars. Here's a little excerpt of the article:  "Rather than using traditional speaker technology, they play vibrations into your skull, so your earhole remains free to hear important phrases such as, ‘Darling, have you seen my hairbrush?’, or ‘Stop! You’re cycling into a tree!’ You can’t hear quite as clearly as you can without music playing, but you can still hear everything from colleagues talking to engines driving past.  Anything actually loud – such as a car horn – will startle you. In use, they don’t actually feel quite as surreal as they...

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